Friday, July 21, 2017

Looking Good

The doctor came and gave the final decision. If Mia remains fever free the rest of the day, they will discharge her after dinnner, maybe around 6!! They are making an exception because of the wedding. Of course, we will keep the day as low key as possible for her and watch her closely!  So far, she looks and feels great!!! The next few days will be crazy so I will try to update as soon as things settle.

Thank you all for your constant prayers and support. The power of prayer is amazing!!


Darlene Wisch said...

My Saturday was filled with many Precious Moments... But none greater then when I walked into the bride's room and saw a little lovely lady standing there next to her sister. The bride, my new daughter-in-law,was absolutely stunning but Mia 's smile equaled her beauty. We were blessed beyond measure to have Mia and Gabby part of such an amazing day.

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