Saturday, April 29, 2017

It's actually happening!

Thursday we had our "hard hat", without hard hats, tour! It was so amazing to hear about all the changes that are coming. We toured the steel walls of the surgical floor and the almost complete ICU and PICU. Mia has been a surgical patient numerous times, stayed in the PICU, ICU and been in pre-operating and recovery rooms for both inpatient and outpatient surgeries in the old hospital.  It will be humbling to experience them all again in the new hospital, being able to truly appreciate the difference. We even heard about the surgery room where Mia will have her next spinal surgery. The improvements to the room set ups and technology are fascinating! It would be pretty cool if our consultation ends up in our Mia's Marchers room! 

We owe all of our team participants and sponsors an amazing "thank you" for their constant support. The room you are sponsoring will be used by thousands of families every year. Currently, the hospital performs about 20,000 surgeries a year and that is projected to increase once the surgical suite is finished and they bring in more pediatric surgeons!

How wonderful to share this post as we begin to recruit more team members and donors to Mia's Marchers all benefiting Golisano Children's Hospital and Mia's Marchers Family Consult Room on the 4th floor! Come join and be a part of this special dedication. You can tell all your friends that YOU helped make this amazing thing happen!!! $36,000 more to go! We got this!!! Together we are strong!!

Click on link to join or sponsor.

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