Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In Need of Marchers!

Yes, we are still here! Like so many, our busy lives have made it difficult for me to keep up, especially with the blog. That being said, things have been pretty stable since Mia's procedure in the fall. We have had numerous appointments with her doctors. There have been some medical changes that have required and/or will require attention in the near future but nothing out of the ordinary.

With not much to report medically, our focus is on the upcoming Stroll for Strong! As you may recall, Mia's Marchers is sponsoring a surgical consult room in the new hospital. In fact, Dave and I will get our first glance at it this Thursday on a "hard hat tour"!! Our goal is to raise the remaining $36,000.00 of $50,000.00 by 2021.

This year's Stroll is Saturday, June 3rd. Currently our team is looking quite small but we know it will grow over the next few weeks. If you have never joined us, it is a wonderful event! Feel free to pass along the link below to your friends. The more the merrier! If you cannot attend the day of the stroll but wish to donate, you can sponsor any participant on the team by following the link as well.  When donating, please select "New Building Fund" for your program selection.


We look forward to seeing new and familiar faces!!

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