Monday, November 14, 2016

Mystery Solved!!!

Mia had a scope of her bladder Friday to find the source of her bleeding. The doctor could clearly see an irritated spot on her bladder wall from where the catheter hits each time she caths.  At times, these vessels could become so irritated that they bleed. In addition, he found a polyp that bled very easily when he touched it. Given the direct bleeding of the polyp and its location,  it was most likely the main source of her blood. He removed the polyp and feels it does not need to be biopsied. Moving forward, if she continues to have blood in her urine , we will assume it is the irritation on the bladder wall. In that case, we will change catheters.

We will schedule a follow up appointment to discuss things further but we are very relieved. As usual, Mia rocked her surgery!!! It was the shortest thus far and it's the first time she did not cry or need to be calmed following her anesthesia. This brave girl is always wearing a smile!

Thank you to all who sent prayers, texts and good wishes!


Heidi said...

Wonderful news! God bless

Anonymous said...

That is great news and happy for everyone. Wishing her well.

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