Thursday, September 25, 2014

Not Much of an Update!

 I have not posted because I was waiting for Cincinnati to give us a date for surgery, however, we continue to wait. Many have asked for updates,  but there really aren't any. We are left with time to over think, worry and dread what lies ahead. 

During our last visit(7 weeks ago), I was told the surgery, involving 3 surgeons, will take 8-14 hours. She will be fed through an N/G tube until she is able to eat enough on her own, which may take several weeks. Mia will be inpatient for 10-14 days and then remain in Cincinnati for an additional 4 weeks, at minimum.  Catheters will remain in place for 12 weeks post op. so if she is able to come back home, she will be coming home with tubes. The gravity of this surgery is daunting but those who have had it say it was the best decision ever!

As we try to wrap our brains around this, Mia's school is doing the same. They are working on the logistics of streaming Mia's class! How lucky are we? The best part is, we have not requested a thing! They continue to be proactive with Mia's needs, independent of direction from us. With about a million loose ends to tie up, it is such a relief to know that the school is helping in any way they can and easing a huge worry for us. Thank you, thank you Plank North!

So, we wait.....and wait.....and wait for what seems like an eternity. When we hear word, we will be sure to post!!!!