Sunday, January 5, 2014

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

2013 was an amazing year! 
2013! It began with many fears surrounding the girls' upcoming entrance  to kindergarten that ended with the good news of our new "Mayor". Included celebrated milestones we never thought possible. Gave new meaning to dreams coming true. Brought great health. Blessed us with new friendships. Opened our eyes to a whole new level of human kindness. And created memories with family and friends that we will cherish forever.

So many proud moments this year. Looking back it is amazing how blessed this year was. First we found out Mia was being granted her "dream" to meet Cinderella. The trip, given to us by The Dream Factory, was nothing short of magically unforgettable. It truly was the trip of a lifetime! Our Give Kids the World Star shines brightly in our family room, our own little "Castle of Miracles". During this trip, we were fortunate enough to travel with another Rochester family and  began a new friendship.
Upon returning, we quickly began wrapping things up for the annual "Mia's Marchers". Marking our fifth year, we decided to set our goal high and celebrate big!! We raised over $10,000, bringing our five year grand total to just over $32,000. In honor of all our supporters, we gathered at the house to share some food, friendship and good times. The memory of gathering together in support, love and for a greater cause is priceless.
Three weeks later, we found ourselves celebrating again as Mia and Gabriella walked across their preschool stage. Oh, how proud these preschool parents were! I should not forget to mention how proud their grandparents and siblings were too. They had a whole cheering section, complete with a cousin from Italy! These girls!!!
Summer was filled with new adventures and plenty of fun. The girls took swim lessons for the first time and Gabriella was even swimming by the end! Mia was able to ride along with the other kids in her new adaptive bike. Both girls participated in the Penfield Library Reading Program. We spent an overnight in Old Forge with our best friends/family the Davenports. Let's not forget swimming, kayaking, boating and jet skiing at the Stuvers on Canadaguai Lake.

Of course, Fall did not disappoint. School began with a bang! All kids love their teachers and are doing great! On our first long weekend, we were able to take a drive through Canada's African Lion Safari. The monkeys hitching  rides on the roof our car  was definitely a highlight for us! All the kids enjoyed our annual trip to Stokoe Farms for some Fall Fun. The main event....Gabriella and Mia turned five. They thoroughly enjoyed their Princess Sofia party and all the accolades that came along with it.

The year ended with holiday celebrations and much needed family time! 

  2013. We are grateful for all you brought. Love and laughter filled our house and the memories we made are some of the best we've had.
Goodbye 2013.
Hello 2014.
Here's hoping for another banner year.