Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Dream Coming True

The Dream Factory gave a pizza party for Mia.  She was told she would be going to Cinderella's Castle and on a plane!!!!

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Kelly, and The Dream Factory, Mia's "dream" is coming true in less than ten days! Kelly referred us to The Dream Factory (a national organization run by all volunteers, except for 4 paid employees at headquarters) who grants "dreams" for children who are chronic and/or critically ill. With Mia's ongoing medical needs,  she has been granted her dream to meet Cinderella and go to Cinderella's castle!

It is still hard to comprehend. She is being given a 7 day/6 night stay at Give Kids the World, another phenomenal organization we are learning about. They are sending all of us to Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World. Give Kids the World is a 70 acre resort specifically designed for children with medical needs and their families. It has horse back riding, minature golf, fishing, a life size Candy Land playground and so much more.

 Needless to say, Nicolas and Samantha are extremely excited and the best part is, everyone is in agreement that they cannot wait to see Mia's face. Looking at the pictures above, I don't think we will be disappointed!