Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life is Good!

                                                           They are so cute......

                       when they aren't grabbing, pushing and screaming at each other!

They definitely love each other like sisters!

Aside from the constant competing for attention and sibling rivalry, life with twins is getting easier. We are able to have more family outings and attend Nicolas and Samantha's activities all together. In fact, the girls cry whenever they are not able to go somewhere with the big kids. 

                                           Mia loves going to Nicolas' basketball games.

 Dave and I are getting out for dinner dates. We even went for an overnight without kids!!!! 

 We cannot believe we made it through the winter, as mild as it was, without one trip to the hospital!  Mia has been healthy and surgery free. So blessed. To update her growth status, we continue to hold off on the growth hormone injections. From not growing at all in a year, our last endochrinology visit measured close to half an inch growth in 3 months. With that, we have decided to hold off on the growth hormone for now. Our next visit is in three months and we will cross our fingers that she grows.

With Spring in the air, I am getting ready for The Stroll for Strong Kids. Next post I will include the link for "Mia's Marchers". Her team began with 24 members and has grown to a little over 100! We hope you will consider joining us on June 2nd!