Saturday, October 20, 2012

Life is Good!

Yes, I am still here. Trying to find the time to write, without nodding off as I'm typing, has become difficult these days. Summer was busy all the way up until the end and school sure hasn't let us down either!

So, let's back up to summer. What a difference a year makes. This summer, day trips and family adventures became a little easier. We were able to do more and really enjoyed our days. As you already know, our summer kicked off with our annual Stroll for Strong Kids. 

And Daystar's groundbreaking!

We enjoyed many visits to the canal!

Went to the zoo with our  great friends.

Did a lot of swimming at home and at Aunt Leigh and Uncle Jim's.

Rode to Hidden Valley Animal Adventure in a big van Grammy rented so we could all ride together; 7 cousins, Grammy and all the parents. Fed animals from a tractor pull ride, picnicked and enjoyed a petting zoo.

Mia bravely took dance for the first time with her sister and cousin!

And ended the summer with a camp overnight (a first for Mia and Gabriella), where everyone had a chance to ride the ATV,  

cool off in a kiddie pool,


and enjoy time by the campfire singing songs and making s'mores.

Our last trip was to the Buffalo zoo on Labor Day! Samantha was able to see her favorite animal, the giraffe, and everyone enjoyed being together for one last hurrah before school.

Those are just some of the many highlights of our summer. No big traveling  just enjoying the little things. It truly was a summer of family firsts, smiles, friends and family.

Then it was! I was not optimistic that Mia would be receptive of school. Last September was a difficult transition and now we were coming off a fabulous summer. Well, we were so pleasantly surprised! Mia seems to REALLY like school this year. She comes home and tries to relay what she has done. Sometimes it is correct and sometimes not. Either way, she is excited to share!!! She already knows some kids in her class which she could barely do at the end of last year (and this is a new class). I sat in on her therapies and she is nothing short of amazing!

Life is good!

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