Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your wonderful sentiments on the blog post. It's amazing any of my posts make sense! They usually take about three nights of falling asleep on the couch, with laptop slowly falling, before they are complete! Whether it is a silly or serious post, Mia's blog was created for two reasons. The first was to keep family and friends updated after her many surgeries, knowing how impossible it was to make phone calls with me in the hospital taking care of a sick infant and Dave home taking care of another infant and two other kids. The second was to tell her story in order to give support and hope to other families facing similar situations.

When Mia was diagnosed during my 16th week of pregnancy, we didn't know where to turn. Like many of us today, we looked to the Internet for more information. Of course most sites were filled with medical jargon we didn't understand and outcomes that were nothing but devastating. Our best source of information and preparation came from a one year old boy's story we read on his mother's blog. It was a the best thing we could have stumbled upon. The pictures she posted prepared us for what to expect on the day of delivery. Knowing how grave our newborn would look, although never fully prepared, gave us much needed mental preparation. The information she posted explained medical terminology in words we could understand and gave practical information from a mother's point of view. We also shared this blog with our family in order to prepare them.

Mia's blog still exists for those reasons, however, it has evolved into so much more! It is a true testament to believing in miracles and never giving up! To never loose faith and always have hope. Time and time again people have told us how they love reading about her progress, her unexplainable ability to defy all odds.  No matter what Mia accomplishes, it will always be more than what she was "supposed" to. With her very sparse and abnormal brain, she amazes everyday....she has even left many doctors in awe! In spite of all she has been through, and will continue to go through medically (as we embark on our new medical hurdle of daily growth hormone injections), her personality is filled with elation, love and laughter. Maybe she won't be the smartest in her class....maybe she will. But she will always be an inspiration to so many......A true face of hope!

So, thank you for always following and continuing to spread her spirit and hope!