Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is it really November? With much catching up to do, I thought I might begin with our fun Fall photos. At our annual trip to Stokoe Farms, Mia participated in the pedal cars, hamster wheel races, corn box, big slide, train ride and so much more. She enjoyed so much more this year than last and she walked almost the whole time!

No more pictures please paparazzi!

Did you see this corn box?

Gabriella wanted to be a witch so, of course, Mia did too!

Look at Nicolas and Samantha!

Still happy after the Halloween Sock Hop at St. Joseph School! You should have seen Mia dancing her feet off with all the big kids and right in front of the DJ booth!

Mia tried really hard to get all the "guts" out of her pumpkin.

Is there more in there?

The final masterpieces!

Now that I have had some fun with pictures, let me attempt to summarize the last couple of months. I must confess this delayed post was partly intentional. Not surprisingly, I needed time to adjust to preschool. The transition was a little rough for Mia but even rougher for me! Each school morning began with, "I don't want to go to school!" followed by resistance in getting dressed. After winning the clothing battle, Mia would go very reluctantly to school. The combination of letting her go and the pout on her face as I left her at school pulled on my heartstrings in ways I can never describe! Knowing Gabriella was there with her helped relieve some of my anxiety. See, Gabriella LOVES school and can't wait to get her backpack on to go! She gloats with every project/accomplishment and even makes up projects for Mia when she is out of the room receiving services (no, she is not always that nice to her sister).

At pick up, I would ask the girls how school was and what they did. Mia's response was always the same! "I screamed mom" and "we had cereal". Gabriella would inform me that they, in fact, did not have cereal for snack! It just seemed that Mia was not as engaged with the classroom activities and she definitely was not enthusiastic about school. Of course Mia was used to Daystar and all her EI therapists. Now she had to adjust to a new building, new therapists, new kids and a new teacher. For Gabriella, she had nothing to compare it to and she just loved everything new! And I imagine it is difficult to get use to a class when you are being pulled for services quite a bit.

Almost two months later, I am happy to report that Mia is more willing to go to school and has begun talking about some of her teachers, which is always a good sign. It seems she has settled into the school routine but definitely doesn't jump up to go. Thankfully, Gabriella LOVES it and encourages Mia.

I think Mia would rather be home working on her new groove for her rock debut!

With all that being said, I am still adjusting and am waiting for the day Mia "rocks out" to her school days!