Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Joy

Christmas has always been a special holiday for me but it's beauty was deepened three years ago when we received the news that Mia would be coming home in time to celebrate with us. I look back and marvel at how far we have come...how strong we are as a result. Our family is able to look at the world through different eyes and we have become better for it. My world consists of four outstanding angels and one who has changed our world forever. Thank you God for such a beautiful gift.
This is just a summary of our holiday.......

She's an old pro!!!!!

Mia did a great job while Gabriella melted down after the first one. She did not like the messiness of it all and stopped after cutting out one cookie! Nicolas and Samantha were a huge help and loved it as usual!
Mia loved everyone minute of it and it was so nice that this year the girls were old enough to "get it".

Can't you just feel her joy? It's so contagious....that laugh.....that smile.....that spirit! When cookie making was finished, we got dressed to go over grammy's for a delicious Christmas Eve dinner and presents. The excitement is too much!
The girls' third Christmas.....every year is more beautiful than the one before!
We finished our Christmas celebrations at ZiZi's house after we played with all our new toys!!!
Our holidays were bitter sweet. Dave's Godfather passed away Christmas Eve after a four and a half year battle with cancer. He was a man of great faith and had an admirable love for life. Whenever we would get together he would always remind me how he and his wife went to church everyday and prayed for Mia. During his last weeks, he told Dave of how Mia has changed people in the family for the better. I am grateful for his constant prayers and now his guardianship as he looks down on all of us.

Although there was sorrow, we had so much joy! All four kids enjoyed the family traditions of cutting and trimming a tree, making cookies, writing letters to Santa, getting together with family and so much more. Nicolas and Samantha focused on giving and not just receiving. It was so cute watching Nicolas and Samantha help the girls through everything. Work has picked up a little for Dave and everyday doesn't seem like such an uphill battle. I am thrilled to be back in a classroom and enjoy being able to hug and kiss Samantha and Nicolas throughout the day! The girls have adjusted and get to spend more time with their grandparents and dad! We ended 2011 on a great note and hope it only gets better from here!