Friday, August 19, 2011

Bitter Sweet

What a fantastic summer we have had with the kids! I hate that, not only is summer coming to an end, we are closing a chapter in our lives. Mia had her last therapy sessions with her occupational and physical therapists. She "graduated" from Daystar and will begin preschool next week. Gratitude does not even begin to describe our deepest emotions for these ladies who have changed Mia's life profoundly! Collectively, they have taught her things doctors told us might be impossible. Dedicated, these ladies, along with her previous speech and special education/vision therapists, put forth every effort to prove them wrong and they did. Thanks to them, Mia is walking, talking, interacting and learning more everyday.
Check Spelling
Instead of writing about my preschool anxieties and how sad our goodbyes were, I am just going to post some awesome summer pictures! With Mia's new mobility this summer and decreased therapies, she was busy having so many "first" outings/visits!

Feeding ducks at Perinton Park

.....and posing for pictures with my brother and sisters.

Big brother Nicolas guides me through the park!

A visit to the beach is never complete without ice cream....I like my first cone!

Wow! I love this bowling thing!

What's everyone looking at? Can't a girl love her chocolate?
Everyone is so proud of me! Mom and Dad are just so sad to say goodbye to my Daystar friends.

Check out these "horsies" at Lollypop Farm.

I tried to be brave at Seabreeze but only made it to the front seat of this cool car. I had to get out before my crazy sister "drove" it around the track

Definitely loved keeping cool in the pool!

Check out my new soccer skills I learned from my brother Nicolas!

I listen as Daddy gives me some tips!

Looking totally cool at Samantha's tennis.

It wouldn't be summer without a trip to the zoo!