Friday, November 19, 2010

Preschool Update

I have been blessed with a group of extraordinary friends. We talk about our lives, try to solve each other's problems and celebrate our families and accomplishments. We laugh through the good times, lean on each other through the bad and shed many tears, both happy and sad, together! If you have girlfriends, you know what I am talking about.

My wonderful friends patiently listened to all my preschool worries. Their honest input helped me step out of my mind set. I needed their points of view in order to see all sides. After a long discussion and hours of analyzing what was said, I finally had an epiphany.

Since Mia has been born, we have said "yes" to everything that has been offered to her. In our eyes, the more services the merrier. We agreed to accept whatever Mia was offered so that she could have every advantage possible. Somehow, we lost sight of that when thinking about preschool. With Mia doing so well, we felt like we did not want to deprive her of the opportunity to attend the same school as her brother and sisters. What we should have seen is, that we are not depriving her by putting her in a different program, we are continuing to take advantage of every service offered. If she can get a more intense program that will continue to bombard her with language, socialization, therapies, etc, then that is where she needs to be. To put her in the same school as her older siblings would deprive her of the intense head start she needs.

Of course, part of what clouded our thoughts was doing what is also right for Mia's twin. That too has become clear (thanks to one of those wonderful girlfriends). Her words kept ringing in my head, "Sounds to me like you are saying that you want them together. You don't want to split them up." I guess I was saying that all along but couldn't hear myself (don't ask me how that happens but it does). I don't want them separated! They tell me everyday, in their own two year old ways, that they don't want to be separated.

Thanks to my friends and my mind's countless hours of sleep deprivation, we are looking into CP of Rochester's inclusion program. We have heard only positive feedback from other parents.

Now off to bed!