Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer in Review

Oh my, it has been over two months since my last post......where did the time gone? We had so much fun this summer that it went by without enough hours to fit everything in. Trust me, I attempted to post many times but something always called me away (four children perhaps? maybe the house? the great outdoors? appointments? - you name it). Let's just say life!!!! All I know is, although Mia was sick at least four times this summer, we did not have to make one trip to the ED. We have not had a hospital trip since April and we have been surgery free all year!!!!!!! This has made a world of difference and has allowed us to really enjoy life with the kids, especially when all kids were home! I will admit, it was a crazy house here but a happy one!

Mia's therapies have been going remarkably well. With speech therapy, she acquires new vocabulary weekly, sometimes daily! Her receptive and expressive language seem right on track. It is amazing! Her special education instruction also seems to be soaring, putting her at an age appropriate level as well. Occupational therapy has increased her fine motor skills and strengthened her hands, fingers, etc. She is still a little behind but continues to improve. Vision in her right eye seems to fluctuate and we are still patching 2 hours a day...when she lets us. She is not very good for mommy, ripping that patch off almost instantaneously! We fight for a while.....sometimes I win.... but most times I lose! As you probably can guess, she is a perfect angel for our friends at Daystar and she keeps the patch on with no problems! She will need eye surgery but her Dr. would like to continue patching to see if we can improve the vision more before we do that. Mia started getting massage therapy and loves it!!!!!! It has helped loosen her muscles, especially in her neck, which are very tight from holding that heavy head up and has improved her sensory needs. She is also doing aqua therapy which has helped immensely with her physical therapy. In the water, she is able to move more freely and is discovering new ways to manipulate her arms and legs. Of course, this is a work out for me as well. I start the "getting ready" process an hour before our lesson. I pack up all four kids, diaper bag, towels, etc and head to the Y. We ALL get in the pool! It takes two instructors and myself to complete our 45minutes lesson. One instructor and myself work with the babies and the other instructor takes the older two. When lessons are over, we all head to the locker room. I get the babies out of their suits and swimmies, monitor the older kids and then get myself changed. I wish I could read peoples' minds when they see us. I imagine some thoughts might be:"Wow! She's good!", "What a train wreck!", "I'm glad that's not me.", "I remember doing that with my kids.", "Oh, that poor woman.". That's just a few I've come up with.

Last but not least, physical therapy! Although Mia's physical abilities are at least 12 months behind, she has made excellent progress this summer. Mia is now able to "scoot" instead of crawl with her head. This came about after she rubbed her head raw one weekend. I think it hurt so much that she adapted rather quickly. Christmas.....walking? Mia is working so hard in hopes to be walking up to Santa's lap!!!! Now, I don't want to deceive you, walking may be with assistance, such as a walker or crutches but maybe not. We just don't know. She will let us know what "walking" means to her. Right now she is pulling up to a stand and bearing more weight. She will take steps when supported under her arms and can even walk along furniture with support. We will keep you posted.