Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year, New Hope

The years 2008 and 2009 definitely had their challenges. Being faced with the potential fatality of our unborn baby in 2008, a once happy pregnancy quickly turned to an anxious and fearful one. The year 2009 was spent in and out of hospitals and doctor offices caring for our little miracle. That wraps up two years of our life with just one of our four children. Add in "life" and you've got crazy!!!

With all of that behind us, we are looking forward to a refreshing 2010! We are even planning to go on our first vacation in 3 years!! In March, we will attempt to drive to Florida and stay with my uncle for a week. We are aware of the challenges that come along with this as well but feel we are up for it. An "escape" from here is needed for our mental health and we are looking forward to watching our kids enjoy some fun on the water! There is no doubt my uncle will bring us great laughs, good food and awesome times! The kids can't wait!!!!!

So far, the new year has begun with great promise! Mia is showing so much growth with her new shunt. She is sitting up on her own now and building strength each day. Within the next couple month, we are going to begin using a gait trainer with her to help her stand and use her legs. We are moving forward with her helmet which she just received yesterday. There is always the "next" thing and it remains my full time job to schedule, attend and care of Mia as well as the other children. We are just praying that we do not have to schedule any surgeries for this year!

So, cheers to a good year ahead and I will leave you with this picture of our new model!