Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lovin' Life

Notice anything different? Bows.................NO HELMET!!! Mia is done with helmet therapy.
After a few more conversations with Mia's doctors, it was decided that there would be no benefit to continuing her helmet, even with her fontanel still open. Any pressure or head increase will be addressed through her shunt. Now I can play with her hair even though she would rather me not:)

We are all enjoying the beautiful weather. Mia loves to look at trees, splash in the kiddie pool, swing and go for walks with her brother and sisters. She has learned how to push her Pony Walker forward. It is WONDERFUL!!!! She can move around outside and in the house. Her favorite thing to do is speed down the driveway on her new wheels. It is just amazing the amount the of progress she is making. We are so happy for her.

Mia is wearing an eye patch for 2 hours a day to help strengthen her right eye which has been turning in. Some days she tolerates it better than other. She definitely knows how to pull it off and ALWAYS pulls it off the second I walk away. So, I have to sit with her the entire two hours and make sure she keeps it on. Who said little brains weren't smart?

The best part of May was Mia moving forward in her walker. So far the best part of June is the 14th Annual Stroll for Strong Kids. Although Dave, the kids and I have participated for eight years, this is only our second year participating as a team, Mia's Marchers. Our team grew from 24 last year, raising $2,126.00, to 48 this year, raising $3,385. Way to go Mia's Marchers!!! It was so moving to see all the yellow shirts supporting Mia. We are so blessed to have such an amazing support system of beautiful friends and family. I cannot find the words that express how eternally grateful we are for them and for all of Mia's doctors, nurses and therapists. Yesterday, we honored them and all the other families they have helped. We have met many families during Mia's stays at the hospital. Each child has had to fight and overcome so much in their short lives. It just doesn't seem fair. They truly are my heroes!!!